It’s Fall, Which Means It’s Time for Denver Oktoberfest!

celebrating the Denver Oktoberfest with a cheers

It’s fall, and that means football, pumpkins, and Oktoberfest. In fact, the Oktoberfest celebrations take place all across America at this time of the year! One of the biggest parties is just minutes away from your apartment in Denver. So, make plans next weekend to visit the Denver Oktoberfest, where you’ll find music, food, and loads of entertainment and fun!

48th Annual Denver Oktoberfest

The Denver Oktoberfest is one of the country’s most popular celebrations. This beloved annual tradition draws crowds of more than 350,000 people each year. Visitors can enjoy unique entertainment and authentic Bavarian food at Oktoberfest. This year’s Oktoberfest takes place on two full weekends–September 21-23 and September 28-30.

Stein Hoisting

Move over, arm-wrestling! Oktoberfest is home to the toughest test of incredible arm strength! The Stein Hoisting Championships will be held on September 30, with a huge crowd cheering for the competitors. How strong are your arms? If you think you can hold a full beer stein in each hand (with arms straight out in front of you) longer than anyone else, you might want to join this crazy competition.

Live Music

The party heats up with lively music from local bands. Intriguing music like heavy-metal polka from Denver’s Thirsty 5 and comedic entertainment from local legend Helmut Fricker create a festive atmosphere for the entire celebration.

Keg Bowling

This infamous tailgating game is a perfect fit for any Oktoberfest party. Whether you belong to the top bowling league in the city or you just enjoy an occasional Friday night at the alley, you’re going to love this game. So grab a keg, give it a roll, and hope for a strike!

Long Dog Derby

Oktoberfest is the place to find one of the cutest races in the country: the Long Dog Derby! The 13th annual Long Dog Derby takes place on September 23, and your dachshund could be a part of the fun! This adorable race presents awards in six categories, so dachshunds of all ages and abilities are welcome. In fact, all dogs (weiners or not) are welcome to participate in the Long Dog Derby Costume Contest after the race.

Bratwurst Eating Contest

Now, Oktoberfest just isn’t complete without brats. If you have an iron stomach and a competitive streak, you might want to consider registering for this insane eating contest. The Bratwurst Eating Contest will crown a Brat-King (or queen!) on September 22. Winners receive monetary donations to the charity of their choice.

The Denver Oktoberfest is an autumn tradition that brings visitors from near and far each year. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about the community at Alexan West Highland and other upcoming events in the Denver area.

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