Learn About Cuba at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

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On October 26th, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science will open the doors to an exciting new exhibit. Called ¡CUBA!, the exhibit will transport visitors from Denver to the island nation of Cuba in the Caribbean Ocean.

Since the country has historically been closed off to much of the world, its fascinating culture and rich ecosystems are not well-known to a lot of Americans. However, the museum is aiming to introduce Denverites to Cuba and the many things that make this nation so unique.

What You Can Expect

Stroll through a “plaza” in the exhibit that is meant to mimic city squares found in the capital Havana and other urban areas. As you walk around, different elements of Cuban culture will emerge.

Among the many things, visitors will listen to a Cuban radio station, view a vintage Chevrolet that can be found on the streets of Cuba, and explore the history of Cuban cigars (one of the country’s main exports). You’ll also find compelling art pieces by Cuban artists.

Additionally, nature lovers will enjoy learning about the island’s amazing biodiversity. The museum has on display several dioramas of ecosystems around Cuba. Guests have a chance to see rare animals that can only be found in the region. Have you ever wanted to see the largest owl in history (hint: it was 39 inches tall)? Then you definitely do not want to miss this!

Although not a part of the exhibit itself, the museum’s IMAX theater will also be showing a film called Cuba 2D. This is your chance to see the country come to life on the big screen.

Plan Your Visit

The exhibit will run until January 2019, so there are plenty of opportunities to see it in the next few months.

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science opens from 9 AM to 5 PM daily. You can simply buy a general admission ticket to see ¡CUBA!. However, if you’d like to visit the IMAX theater to watch Cuba 2D, make sure to purchase a package that will cover it.

You can learn more about buying your tickets on the museum’s website.

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