Wrap Yourself with Luxury in Denver

Wrap Yourself with Luxury in Denver

Your new home should offer more than a fancy kitchen. Discover the nature of true personal luxury at Alexan West Highland, the best place to call home. Coming home should be the best part of your day. Enjoy beautiful apartment features that also cater to your personal comfort. Take time for yourself, every day. Choose the floor plan and layout that will let you live the life you want. Host that party – you have the space for a good time. Share the good life with your friends. Enjoy long weekends with community amenities perfect for meeting your neighbors – they can’t wait to meet you. When you finish recharging at home after a long day, there is a larger neighborhood of fun right outside. Your next new favorite hot spot is right around the corner. Check out that new restaurant...

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one-bedroom Denver apartments

A4: Organized One-Bedroom Denver Apartments

An organized home can make all the difference. After all, leaving your keys in the same spot every day, clearing out all the clutter from the floor, and making sure you give yourself enough time to prepare every...

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A Taste of the Western World in Denver

Sometimes it helps to get out of your comfort zone, especially if you’re tired of eating the same meals every day during your commute. Our luxury apartments at Alexan West Highland stand close to some of the best restaurants and food joints in Denver, so you’re never too far away from your new favorite entrée or an exotic treat to try.

Rioja is an international fine dining...

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Denver Apartment Community

A Denver Apartment Community Made for Leg Days

Fitness has resurged within the populace. It’s hard to go down the block of any major town without seeing a jogger at full speed, a gymnasium full of hard-working fitness enthusiasts, or even a health ad on your TV...

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Denver Apartments

Denver Apartments Full of Style

An ideal home should be just as beautiful as it is welcoming, a place that’s both pleasing to the eye and to the soul. Our luxury Denver apartments at Alexan West Highland are no exception to this rule, offering a ton of great amenities for you to make the most of all your living space.

First, all our luxury apartments have ceilings at least nine feet tall. This means you’ll have...

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