Feel the Burn in Denver

Feel the Burn in Denver

True luxury extends beyond your doorstep. If everything you love about your new luxury apartment home ends as soon as you walk out the door, then you are living in the wrong place. Experience luxury that never ends at Alexan West Highland. You will find a full dose of personal comfort and beauty inside your new home. Elegant finishes and rich details surround you every day. But your enjoyment doesn’t end there. Discover how enriching community amenities can be. Find features that take care of you and help you meet your neighbors. Make the time to hang out with your new neighbors this weekend in a relaxing and welcoming social environment. Feel the burn or make a splash when you meet up with friends around your community. Great eats and treats abound in your new neighborhood. Make a...

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Denver luxury apartments

Denver Luxury Apartments for Work and Play

Who says you can’t have fun while at work, or that play has no reward or chore involved? After all, some people are quite fortunate to turn their hobbies and passions into careers, while competitions and parties...

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Denver Two Bedroom Apartments

B6: Serene Two-Bedroom Denver Apartments

A little peace in your life can go a long way: a brief coffee break in between the intense grind of the office cubicle, jamming out to your favorite songs during a traffic jam, binging your next favorite show on your streaming device from home, or even those fleeting days where you can make the most of your paid vacation time. All our luxury apartments at Alexan West Highland offer an extra...

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Escape from the Mundane in Denver

Life is never meant to be too tedious. Humanity lives off of challenge, to conquer obstacles that are both physical and mental, to earn rewards for all their efforts, and it also helps when you’re having fun while doing so. If you’re looking for a good puzzle to test your brain, or just something unique for you and your friends to try during the weekend, our luxury apartments at Alexan...

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Work Hard, Play Harder in Our Denver Community

Diligence is a characteristic that can always be admired: the motivation to do well in your work, to persist in the face of hardship or toil, the hard focus to detail to create a beautiful overall image. No matter...

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