Beautiful Autumn Blooms in Denver


When most people think of Fall, they think of trees shedding their leaves in a plethora of warm colors, pumpkins and squash ripe and ready for the picking, and perhaps even the dry hay found in stuffed scarecrows and stacked in tall sculptures during the holiday festivities. However, even until the first wintery breaths of frosts, there are all kinds of flowers and foliage in full bloom, and all of them can be seen right from our luxury apartments at Alexan West Highland.

The Denver Botanic Gardens in York Street is a natural haven, a popular spot for tourists and locals alike according to TripAdvisor thanks to its constantly beautiful atmosphere and its wide range of activities and events. As of today, there are five permanent garden collections within York Street’s twenty-four acres of land, ranging from local flora that flourish in the Rocky Mountains or Colorado’s vast dry grasslands; to international plants that hail from Japan, South Africa, and the Tropics; to even gardens that thrive in tranquil pools and ponds within the venue. There’s even a garden dedicated to enticing the interest in your kids, full of all kinds of hands-on ecosystems and edutainment exhibits that change throughout the seasons. Finally, there’s the stunning Fall Display, showcasing itself on September 19th, that’s full of everyone’s favorite fall blooms, like pumpkins and chrysanthemums. Best of all, the Gardens at York Street are only six miles away from our luxury apartments, a mere sixteen-minute drive.

Enjoy the best displays of any and every season here at Alexan West Highland. Make a trip to our Denver luxury apartments and the Denver Botanic Gardens before the first frosts of winter.

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