A Great Mixture of Nature and Art


There have been many arguments of whether nature is beautiful, or rather if the concept of beauty had been adapted from our interpretations of natural events and landscapes, or if nature was made beautiful thanks to our romantic idealization of what nature should be. Whatever your side of the argument may be, there’s no denying that Denver is known to have a little bit of both, with a growing city made amazing thanks to our efforts and the natural wonder of the neighboring Rocky Mountains

Alexan West Highland is surrounded by many forms of art, such as the lovely mountains or perhaps the Denver Art Museum located four miles away, a fifteen-minute drive. This seven-story museum is stuffed to the gills with local and worldwide masterpieces throughout human history, ranging from ancient Egyptian, Chinese and Greek artifacts and sculpture, to Native American mosaics and pottery, to oil paintings of the European Renaissance, to Post Modernism after the crumbling effects of the First World War, all the way to modern day art. Watch artists at work through special events such as Creative-In-Residents program and Cuatro: the Latino artists program. New exhibitions cycle through every few weeks, so it’s almost impossible to have the same experience twice (unless you want to revisit old favorites!) Tickets are $10 for adults and $8 for seniors and college students, though members and kids under eighteen can attend for free at any time; the first Saturday of every month is also free admittance to all visitors.

Surround yourself by both natural and man-made beauty right here at Alexan West Highland. Visit our expansive location and the Denver Art Museum this weekend to see for yourself.

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