girls on halloween dressed as witches

3 Spooktacular Events in Denver

If Halloween is your favorite time of year, you’re in luck. Denver is brimming with spooktacular events for kids, thrill-seeking adults, and anyone looking to simply embrace the spooky season. Here are a few upcoming Halloween happenings you don’t want to miss.

Denver Botanic Gardens Corn Maze

The Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield’s corn maze is one of the most attended mazes in the country and features seven acres of corn as well as two 15-foot tall bridges that overlook it all. Visitors can attempt to make their way through the winding paths, embark on a hayride, and even enjoy a pony ride. All your favorite fall food will be there as well including funnel cakes, hot dogs, and kettle corn. Also, their signature Pumpkin Festival is...

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walking through a park in autumn

Enjoy A Stroll Through These 3 Nearby Parks

Fall is officially here! There’s no better way to take in the fall foliage or breathe in the crisp air than with a walk through a local park. Here are a few of our favorites located nearby.


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Simpawtico: An Awesome Pet Supply Store in Denver

Finding a great pet store in a new city is not always easy, but if you’ve just moved to the Denver area, you need to check out Simpawtico, a locally owned pet shop. The small store has a peaceful atmosphere,...

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proper British tea setup

Visit House of Commons For High Tea

In Britain, tea time has a rich history and is still a very vibrant part of the culture. Thankfully, you don’t have to travel all the way across the pond to enjoy a proper British tea. The Highlands has its own British tea room: House of Commons.

House of Commons has a cozy, home-like atmosphere with books on the shelves and trinkets on the walls. They seek to create a sanctuary...

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Studio Apartments with Style and Simplicity

Life has a tendency of getting complicated, especially after you become an adult. One moment, your main drive is to get good grades and to think about what you want to do as far as a career, and then the next...

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