Curtis Park

Experience the Delectable Tastes of Curtis Park, Denver

Curtis Park is truly a gem of a neighborhood in the city of Denver. Walk the streets and you will find stunning architecture, including Victorian homes, Queen Anne style homes, and much more.

As the oldest residential neighborhood in the city, it also boasts magnificent diversity. The quaint streets are lined with mansions, small homes, and everything in between. Spend a day strolling the area and taking in its historic beauty.

While sightseeing, don’t forget to stop for a bite to eat at one of the many fantastic restaurants in the neighborhood:

Curtis Park Delicatessen

Also known as Curtis Park Deli, this casual eatery is proud to serve modern food in a historic setting. Here, you will find some of the freshest sandwiches in Denver, sourced only from local...

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father and daughter enjoying a picnic around Denver

Enjoy a Picnic Around Denver

When the sun is shining on a warm day, there is nothing better than enjoying a picnic of fried chicken and macaroni salad. In fact, there are several places where you can picnic around Denver that are close to your home at Alexan West Highland.

The best nearby picnic destinations include:

Red Rocks Park

Red Rocks features a spectacular picnic area that rivals the views of most...

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men's dress shirts at Ratio Clothing

Denver’s Ratio Clothing: Men’s Custom Dress Shirts at Off-the-Rack Prices

Do you have a hard time finding a dress shirt that fits without paying exorbitant designer prices? You’re not...

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biscuit on a plate with a sidedish

Great Restaurants in the Congress Park Neighborhood

Congress Park is a charming neighborhood in the Denver area that is known for its quaint homes and quiet streets. A welcoming environment is what you’ll find here, along with a small town feel that is not found...

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man and dog playing Frisbee together in Denver

The 3 Best Places to Play Sports with Your Dog in Denver

Outdoor sports are one of the best things about living in Denver. The only downside may be when your dog gives you the stink eye when he sees you packing up your equipment and leaving him behind! Fortunately, there...

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