proper British tea setup

Visit House of Commons For High Tea

In Britain, tea time has a rich history and is still a very vibrant part of the culture. Thankfully, you don’t have to travel all the way across the pond to enjoy a proper British tea. The Highlands has its own British tea room: House of Commons.

House of Commons has a cozy, home-like atmosphere with books on the shelves and trinkets on the walls. They seek to create a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Sit down, and start off your experience with a pot of tea, imported straight from England. You can accompany your tea with a scone with jam and cream, or order something a bit more substantial. The Westminster sandwich, stuffed with Black Forrest ham, tomato, and a house-made mayo, is a delicious choice. Vegetarians love the Covent Gardens sandwich made...

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Savory, Coal-Fired Taste

Nothing quite fills the stomach and satisfies the taste buds like a delicious, well-made pizza pie. With so many variations, toppings, and specials to try, you could virtually have a different flavor experience every time order yourself a slice, whether you have it delivered to your home or you go out and get it yourself. Here at Alexan West Highland in Denver, you have a near infinite number...

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Community Amenities that provide Stress Relief at Your Doorstep

It’s important to keep your stress as low as possible, even if it can’t be avoided sometimes, otherwise it really messes with your health: you’re more prone to anxiety attacks and illness when under heavy...

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Modern Amenities: Stylish Luxury Apartments at Alexan West Highland

Deciding where to live in an urban environment, especially one with as many options as Denver, can be a long process. At Alexan West Highland, our luxury apartments will shorten that process, as the clear choice for...

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Settling In With Company in a Two Bedroom at West Highlands

Sometimes something new is better when taken in piece by piece, and not all at once. Perhaps, for you, moving into an apartment is one of those things. Having a roommate, someone you’ve known for a while, can...

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